Tahoe-Veo - Flexible Component Video Routing System
for Bar and Restaurant Venues

The Tahoe-Veo is a flexible video distribution system designed specifically for bar, restaurant, and retail applications. Typically these systems will have a large number of wall mounted displays providing the viewer with several programs to watch in each seating area or zone.

Operation of the matrix is usually handled by your own control system's user interface, but as a 'just in case' feature, the Tahoe-Veo features full control of the system from the front panel, including direct in/out switching entry, sequencing through inputs, and recalling any one of sixteen memory presets.

An optional 10.1" LCD monitorĀ  eliminates the need for a rack monitor, and doesn't take away for your maximum number of outputs either. The preview monitor can show what is on each output directly from the front panel by simply using the left and right arrow keys. Or use the preview monitor as part of an advanced control system by sending the Tahoe-Veo serial commands to direct what is shown on the preview monitor.

Having a sports bar system go down is about as bad as running out of drinks, so we've designed the Tahoe-Veo for reliability. With dual hot-swappable power supplies, in case of failure, the system will continue operating on one supply. The front panel and control system will alert the staff, and a replacement can be installed without any downtime.

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The Tahoe-Veo features a full keypad for front panel control

24 inputs means you will have enough inputs for all the games, digital signage, and other playback sources you need.

Field installable upgrades allows system expansion anytime.

Dual hot swap power supplies makes sure the party never ends!

Ordering Info

Configure System
Total Displays (max. 112):
Optional 10.1" Preview Monitor
Qty. SKU Description
1 80-00103 Tahoe-Veo 24 Input Chassis, Matrix, 6RU, 7 slots
0 25-00057
(80-00082 when sold seperately)
16 port output card, factory installed
1 65-00030
(80-00083 When sold seperately)
220W Power Supply, factory installed
7 50-00076 Blank Cover, 6U card slot
1 50-00078 Blank Cover, 6U PS
  • Only a single supply is required, however we recommend having a backup on hand.
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Cat5 Receiver Options

We generally recommend the Eagle passive receiver for use with the Tahoe-Veo system.

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The Eagle
The Raptor