Digital Video Routing System
for Bar and Restaurant Venues

TeamStream™ is an all IP based digital video distribution system built just for bars and restaurants to distribute video content from cable or satellite. Gone is the complicated setup of protocols, network configurations, and requirements for managed networking hardware. Setup TeamStream™ in minutes from your mobile device or web browser.

TeamStream™ also brings a new element into your bar and restaurant - eSports. The next generation is thirsting for group venues to spectate online gaming, so we've added in direct support for Twitch streaming and others. The manager on duty can easily add a new stream to the system and show it on any display. Whether it's Fortnite, Call of Duty, a big dollar gaming league, or live sports from around the world, now you can fill your screens with content that doesn't have to come from cable or satellite.

The TeamStream™ system is comprised of just a few different parts; the TeamStream™ Encoder, the Controller, and Decoders. To control the system, you can use almost any mobile device, smartphone, tablet, or laptop via a web browser.

TeamStream™ Encoders
The TeamStream™ Encoder rack mount chassis features 16 independant encoders that can be removed and added (hotswapped) while the rest of the system is functioning. The encoders feature H.264 encoding at 1080p, so all the image detail is preserved.

TeamStream™ Controller
The TeamStream™ Controller is the manager of all the devices in your system. It keeps track of all your streams, sources, displays, and scene management. In addition it also offers two audio output devices to feed your house sound system to perfectly match up with your video streams. The Controller also gives a fixed point of control, where staff can enter routing commands via the built in control panel.

TeamStream™ Decoders
The TeamStream™ Decoder gives each display just what it needs to show all your streams. It features a network input powered by POE (Power Over Ethernet), and an HDMI output for easy connection to your display. For some displays, it can even manage the power state of the display on a schedule you plan.


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