Riverside+™ - 12x16 Digital and Analog Audio Matrix -discontinued

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silver chassis/black face

black chassis/black face

  The Riverside+ is a 12 input audio matrix switch with 16 zone outputs, designed to be the central distribution point for all your audio needs in a home or business. Using the Riverside+, one can connect up to 12 centralized sources of audio, and create up to 16 zones of audio with volume, bass, and treble control. Combined with a multichannel amp, the Riverside+ makes a complete multi-room audio solution, ready to be controlled by the IR remote or touchpanel control system of your choice.

The Riverside+ uses easy to install Cat5 cables for the output runs to each room. At each room location, a Hornet receiver (balun) is then used to convert the Cat5 back into RCA connectors. The Hornet is available as in-wall or surface mount.

Rear Panel Views

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