LightSpider-SRX™ Slim Receiver for HD Video and bi-directional IR -discontinued

The LightSpider-SRX receiver is a super slim version of the full size LigthSpider-RX for mounting behind low profile flat panel mounts. The LightSpider-SRX is part of the Lightspider family of product, which are innovative fiber optic point to point bridges for long distance transport of HDMI and infrared signals. It can carry this set of signals up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) over a single strand of low cost multimode fiber cable. The LightSpider-SRX receiver is fully compatible with the LightSpider-4TX and the Lightspider-TX units, except for the RS232 and aux audio feature.

The LightSpider-SRX is able to communicate all of these signals over a single strand of either 62.5/125 micron or 50/125 micron multimode fiber cable. No additional Cat5 or additional fibers are required to achieve full HD with HDCP encryption and EDID communications.

Rear Panel View

Features and Benefits


Cables and Termination

If you have experience with installing and terminating multimode LC fiber, great! We don't need you to do anything different.

However if you are new to fiber optics, we have a very easy to use kit for terminating fiber. With the AFL FAST™ LC Connector Tool Kit, you can terminate a fiber in minutes, no glue, no heater trays, no polishing. It's as easy as strip, cleave, insert and lock in place, then test. To see just how easy it is, follow this link to a video demo.

The AFL FAST™ LC Connector Tool Kit is available directly through Neothings.

In addition to kits and connectors, we also carry bulk cable (cut to length or spools), and premade cable assembies. Premade cable assemblies are currently available as 100', 200', 300', and 500'. Premade assemblies can also be special ordered. Contact us for details.