Imperial™ 12x8 Stackable Component Video Matrix -discontinued

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silver chassis/black face

black chassis/black face

The Imperial is a 12 input, 8 output component video matrix switch with input pass through connections. The pass through connections are high bandwidth buffered copies of all the input signals, before the matrix switch. These pass throughs can be used to connect to an additional matrix, adding another 8 outputs. Up to 12 Imperials can be stacked to create a full non-blocking 12x96 matrix.

The ideal application for the Imperial is in sports bar or similar retail environments where a large number of displays are required. Typically with these systems audio is handled separately, as you would not want 48 displays all with their own volume control. The usual installation would probably have only 4 to 8 zones of audio, therefore a separate multichannel amp system can be used.

Rear Panel View - click for larger view