Hornet™ Cat5 active receiver modules

The Hornet is an innovative receiver module for conversion from Cat5 to unbalanced RCA outputs. The Hornet has six signal pathways, three for high definition component video, two for analog stereo, and one for composite video or digital audio. The receiver features a patented automatic equalization circuit that will ensure peak performance at
up to 1000’ of Cat5e cables. The Hornet is completely powered by the matrix switch unit, so local power supplies are never needed. In addition the receiver can be powered by a single Cat5 cable in the case that audio is not required in the zone.

When used with the Concord, two Cat5e cables may be used to each Hornet. When used with the Delano, only a siongle Cat5e cable is required to send component video to a Hornet. When the delano and Eureka are used together, one Cat5e cable will come from each matrix unit.