Firmware Upgrades

With the 2nd Generation of our matrix switches, we now have firmware upgradability. Any matrix shipped after Oct 13, 2010, and any Borrego+ from any date, is considered 2nd Gen and can be upgraded. Below are the utilities and instructions needed for you to upgrade your matrix.

System Requirements:

Download Version Release Notes

NeoPro DFU Tahoe v2.4b

  • Corrects an issue with preview monitor timeout.

Tahoe Firmware v2.2

  • This is the initial release of the firmware. It should only be used on NeoPro Tahoe units in need of a firmware re-flash.
New Features:
  • Discrete codes added - discrete IR code for Vol+, Vol-, Mute, for each output. Discrete IR code for each input and for each output, so any combo can be done with two IR codes, no delays required.
  • Change front panel names - Removed model names from front, and changed to more descriptive as to what this model does.
  • Fixed Control4 issue where any switching command is always being followed by a volume command. This broke the code because matrix interprets the volume command as a replacement for any ramping up/down of volume, or the user wants to increase/decrease the volume of what is currently being watched.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed status UI to accommodate greater than 9 inputs.
  • Removed wait for stop bit in IR routine. This increases IR responsiveness.
  • Added timeout for discrete codes, 10s.