Borrego+™ 8x8 Component Video, Digital Audio, L+R Analog Audio Matrix

Many Links, One Rollover

The Borrego+ matrix switch is an 8 input matrix with 8 outputs, designed for switching and distributing high definition video and digital and analog audio throughout the home. The Borrego+ features a preamp section to allow volume, bass and treble control of the analog audio, which can then be fed directly into multizone amplifiers for whole house audio. This allows the centralization of all AV source equipment, and allows those sources to be shared throughout the home.

The Borrego+ is like having three independent matrix switches in one unit. Component video, digital audio/composite video, and the analog audio can all be controlled seperately, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Those familiar with the existing Borrego will feel right at home with the Borrego+. Legacy IR codes and serial codes are supported, and when you are ready to use the advanced features of the Borrego+, the new V2 serial commands make integration even easier. Serial commands can be sent as fast as you want, or even grouped. Powerful time based commands can create smooth audio fades to avoid abrupt changes in volume. New features such as multiple mute modes, 10 editable memories, and discrete IR zone volume commands make the Borrego+ a powerful asset to any project.

Rear panel view - click for larger image