We have many customer partnerships behind the scenes that give us product testing, feedback, and feature requests, that all result in product improvement and useful tools that benefit our other customers. Below is a direct example of that.

RLC IntegrationRLC Integration is a mutli-service company based in Gaithersburg, MD that provides AV and IT design and programming services. Using their experience with RTI touchpanels, they developed a 'swapper' application. This allows the end user to select two displays and perform a swapping of their respective sources. This is handy when you have multiple displays in a single zone, such as a sports den or business lounge, and for example, the end user wants to move the source from one of the smaller displays to one of the larger displays.


disc-logo Download the RTI T4 Swapper Application (for Borrego 8x8)

RLC Integration has shared this version with us so that we can share it with other integrators. For further customization of this application, contact RLC here...